Reviews for "The Boneless"

Thanks for the Game Brou !!!


Great work guys!, I never expected that you make a game about me...
T.T , sniff, sniff

Awsome game!!! Love the pixel art and the effects. The intros are cool and the special powers are hilarous. What you use to develop?

aguaoxigenada responds:

I used your momma's software, its so soft brou, so soft.

This game needs development and it could be more enjoyable.

Nunca pense que llegaria a leer "Relaja el chorizo" aqui en Newgrounds xDDD gracias por el buen momento

aguaoxigenada responds:

Tu comentario nos hizo cagar de la risa "literalmente", jajaja, no mentira eso seria terrible. Lo pusimos en nuestra fan page en honor a lo genial que nos parecio: http://goo.gl/ZSvt3g