Reviews for "Jetbak Startroopers"

Like Plasmarift said below, I used up many lives trying to figure things out.
Saying "The machine" is a bit confusing as there are those other blocks also looking like machines. (like the 2 at the starting point)
imo, the game is fine, just a little more guidance for the 1st box would be enough.
Maybe a think bubble popping out from the mouse showing what the box and machine looks or an arrowing guiding to the machine and on the machine would be shown what the next box looks like?

..or simply just a bit more clarifications in the instructions?? ;)
"The machine" is on the right side of the bottom floor, a bit further right is the 1st box.
The boxes look like the medals including it's square frame.
You cannot land anywhere apart on the box, nor can you touch anything, even those ceiling pipes and signs. You can ignore: the elevator black wires, flowers and spacecrafts.
+ the airlock door can be opened!

Anyway GJ & thanks for the fun! :)

Satyre responds:

I've changed the text to be clearer. Next time I don't include too much riddles in the game description and don't let the medals work as indicators xD. I like to experiment too much. Great job beating the game and thanks for the review! Anyways I'll add particles that show the position of the next part in the next update :)

You know, it took like ten minutes to get that you were riffing off of Star Wars. Pretty fun game, graphics look great and the control is pretty solid. I do like picking up the machine parts, easier to be lazy that way. I suppose that jetpack is extra explode-y. Not sure I'd trust one for everyday transport...

All kidding aside, pretty nice for something put together in a fairly short time frame.

Satyre responds:

Thanks! You have to know that mouse clones are not the best jetback builders in the galaxy. They do a great job though, but due to their hasty nature, they always forget to add safety mechanics and yeah no one can tell them to do so after they crash ^^. Congrats for getting all medals :)

I have to be honest, when I played this game for the first time I didn't know what to do and just flew around till I got bored. It's really great that you read the user reviews and updated your author comments with more information and hints, and that you added a navigation system to the game.

With this few changes it's much clearer for the players what to do. Now it's an enjoyable game (yet challenging, like you wrote) with an amusing theme and good-working game mechanics.
Especially the old-school feeling of your game made it a great fun to play for me :)

Satyre responds:

Thanks for the feedback and congrats getting all medals :D

I'm glad that you gave the game a second chance ^^. I'm learning from every project and if I get nice feedback, then I don't hasitate to fulfill all possible wishes to improve the gameplay.

The game was definitely interesting though I do have complaints (and praise) to write of:
- At the beginning, it is never shown what these objects I need to collect are so I spent a good amount of time ramming into objects hoping they were the things I needed to collect.
- You need to make it perfectly clear what the player can touch and what they can't (for example, I thought the black and yellow striped blocks were safe places to land at one point. Since I was able to sit on the beginning platform, I saw no reason why I couldn't sit on them). I also that the other animals could be interacted with and that the place where you are supposed to put the objects was a place I could enter (since it had an arrow).
- Why is it that only one block appears at a time? Why not have all of them appear and let the player decide which one they want to pick up first? (also, how is a player suppose to know where the next one will appear? There's no indicator so it forces the player to explore parts of the game where there was nothing before to see if something is there now. That's more annoying than fun.
- The game is kind of short.

Now for the good:
- I liked the controls. they were solid and provided for a somewhat challenging games.
- I liked that you added in the warning lights for the different hazards, that way, the player isn't forced to wait for the traps themselves to go off to ensure they would have enough time to cross safely.
- the square piece were fun to pick up. The player can sit on them and move left or right (at times, it looked like the character was doing skateboard tricks with them).

Still, it was a pretty good game. I look forward to your future projects.

Satyre responds:

Thanks for your detailed review. Here are my direct answers.
- I wanted to add a radar or arrows that appear after the spawning and after utilising a part, that's still on my to do list :)
- I have to think about how to realize this, because everything except the collectible parts and the start platform harms the player. Also added to the to do list.
- Blocks only appear after another, because the coding was very complex for the transporting. If all blocks are present, then they will be all attracted in the moment you are transporting one of them. Therefore I prevented this bug, by only letting one spawn at one time. I'll look into this for future updates, but it's time consuming.
- Yeah it's short, but also made in a week ;)
- Thanks, that was the most important part of the gameplay.
- Warning lights were very important to add, to not let the game be too unfair by random obstacles. It's hard enough :D
- Yeah, that's also one of the helping aspects. When you got a piece then it helps you to get to machine faster.

I don't know what is the objecyive of this game! Might be cool, but I dunno what to do!! ;-; Cool graphics and song by the way

Satyre responds:

You have to collect 7 parts of a spaceship and put them into a assembly machine in the lowest level on the right. After putting all parts together, you'll finish the game.