Reviews for "Tangerine Tycoon"

Fun game. I don't understand how to get more than 2 coins in a reset... is that possible? Looking forward to updates :-D

GazThomas responds:

1x10^5 Tangeine Gains = 1 uCoin

1x10^10 Tangerine Gains = 2 uCoins

1x10^15 Tangerine Gains = 3 uCoins


It's hard to get more than 2 but I it should be do-able later on with perks (I'd love to get some feedback on that actually)

Please send help. I've wasted 5 hours of my life playing this game. I can't stop thinking about tangerines. HELP ME!!!

I love games like this but this is making me feel so bad, just like cookie clicker, only more devastating. The "death count" meter really is the icing on the cake.

The butt achievement just cracked me up (No pun intended).
But seriously, nice game. 10/10 would play again.

Added to playlist, and all my progress was reset. 10/10