Reviews for "Newpoint Jail"

I completely forgot about this game! XD Fix it so I can see what you did with it!

RetroHawk responds:

Haha.. you never respond on skype, so I figured I should just finish it.

good art and it made me laugh but their are problems. hope you get them sorted out.

RetroHawk responds:

I should pretty soon

I had the same problem as everyone else.

Question: Why did you submit a game before it was thoroughly tested?

Suggestions: (1)..Work out the bugs. (2)..Play the game to make sure it runs smoothly, as it should, (3)..Have a friend or two play the game and have them critique it. (4)..Resubmit.

I gave you one star for the effort. In all honesty, I can't rate an unplayable game any higher than that. Sorry.

I picked up the plunger. Couldn't see anything in the inventory, even if I click the "I", or any indication I had picked it up aside from it disappearing. Tried clicking on the lock and I heard simultaneous overlapping voiceovers. Then turned around and saw the plunger sitting there again. Then I quit playing. *Shrug*

I loved the humor and the voice acting and the general mood right away, but the I button (which i assumed to be inventory) didn't work, I tried clicking (what i thought was) everything, and I couldn't do anything, and after picking up the plunger it showed up again when I visited the room a second time. I'm assuming you're supposed to pick up the key with the plunger, or something else like that, but I was just confused. I'm giving 4 stars for what I thought it could be. Don't feel compelled to improve on this, though, if you feel like making something else would be more fun, go for that instead! No reason to do something that isn't fun, unless you absolutely have to.