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Reviews for "Bonne Jenet tentacled"

I"ll be happy to give you my support and when ever you need coding or art I am here,Zone qualified. ;)

Now i must say it aint too shabby m8. But since its not the final product i see a bright future for you man. (way brighter than her pussy if you know what i mean m8 *hint hint* if you know what i mean ;3 *elbows*) But i liked it overall. Keep up the good work and hentai on you got my words to support you bruh!

StudioPirrate responds:

thanks my friend :)
This is indeed a finished commission but I'll make more in the futur taking all the advices given here and on other sites to make them better, especially adding sound effects.

stay tuned :)


Some good sound would have gone a long ways in this. Her backdoor also seems to remain tightly shut from the looks of it despite having the whole filled. The finishing animation was also a little disappointing. With a bit more development it could be a really good piece, but it's still not bad.

StudioPirrate responds:

Indeed, as I previously said, I don't know how to work sounds (I'm still learning animation and flash coding by myself) so it's still a long way to go before perfection.
Anyway thanks for your comments :)

Great work, The art looks really good and so does the animation, If there was some sound I would have given a 5 but the most important part of these games is the art and animation which you did perfectly.

Just a couple things I would like to point out though I didn't notice the back view until I was about to leave because I thought it meant back to a menu or something, Instead of calling them back and front just make the button say View to make it simpler. and another thing when you select it to do her hard in the pussy on the back view she goes much more forward then the front view. But this is only a problem if you wanted them to both look the same from both views.

Anyway good work hope to see a new one sometime.

StudioPirrate responds:

Thanks my friend; I'll pick better words next time and I do have to learn how to treat sound effects, this is a major lack.
Thanks for your comments :)