Reviews for "Followers"

Dude, your animations astound me. Seriously, your short films are amazing. The camerawork and lighting is always what gets me. The animation could be better, but that's about it. I beg you to never stop what you're doing.

Only thing I would nitpick about this is the cliffhanger ending. The looking to his side at the very last second is too much of a cliche for me.

I love it, but I would like to see some voices in it to add to the animation, as it was a bit confusing. But it was still brilliant!!

Nice animation (although sometimes the characters walk like robots).I didn't fully understand all the story but it was good.

Your animation needed to be more fluid. However, the art was good. The story was good as well. Still it needed to be better. Having him in a house after escaping was unrealistic. In addition, the pace could have been better. Other than that it was a good movie.

all right because young lad realised that has been happen to him but dont want child suffer same fate