Reviews for "Followers"

Might need someone to explain the storyline to me, to be honest.
Great animation work though.

all right because young lad realised that has been happen to him but dont want child suffer same fate

nice art but I was kind of waiting for some more "meaningful" end...

Similar to Priorities, I felt like this animation was just... Incomplete. Overall the mechanics of it, both technically and conceptually are almost the same. The graphics are nice, with a little more bloom than is necessary, and the animation is passable, though choppy at points. Also similar to Priorities, logic goes out the window.

Some random kid that skipped school is following around some shady guy with a gun and a briefcase of money. Why does that sound like the beginning to some RPG Maker game? Throughout all of the random things this kid does to get closer to this old dude, and throughout the old dude's more distant ways of protecting the kid, it seems as if this animation gets sidetracked in its obvious attempt to draw a connection between school and prison. I think I know what you're trying to say, but I don't like how you're doing it. The animation simply fails to make any sense. Simplicity can be a kind of poetry, but only if it is profound.

Camera was so shaky it was distracting.