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Reviews for "Followers"

Nice animation (although sometimes the characters walk like robots).I didn't fully understand all the story but it was good.

a lot of promise!

but i do think that there is enough room for improvement.
lets start with the most important thing the story, it starts very unclear (i had to rewatch the start twice to understand what whas happening). the only thing that was clear to me was that the brown haired guy shot a cop and then left the blond guy to fend for himself. you might wanted to make that clearer since i get that they were commiting a crime and running for the law but not for example why only one of them had a gun except for the fact which i later learned (so there is caracterbuilding) that he didnt want to resort to violence.

then comes the child in view that is where the narrative start to ramble. for example why did the older (and how much older since he has a beard to show how long he has been in prison but the older brownhaired guy didnt age a day?) hit the buspassager? seeing as he was trying to stay unavoided but is willing to do something so stupid on the middle of the road for a kid he doesnt know? this needed more background info like a flashback of him becoming a criminal and failing in that exact same crime, and getting helped by the brownhaired guy in the same way.

that way there is more depth and character devolpment also we learn why the blondhaired guy helps the kid and wants revenge on his former tutor/friend.

then the kid follows him to show his gratitude and helps him out in more than one occasion in a quite violent manner something we did not expect from a kid who tried to ditch his classes and then failed miserably at pickpocketing. we are to believe that suddenly this kid has no problems with hitting a stranger who is armed in the head with a baseball bat? (also you could have shown the baseball bat in the door shot so that the baseball bat isnt magic and appears out of thin air).

or getting to the apartment i understand that it was small animation but it wouldnt seem to have been such a hassle to start the scene in which the kid gets hit by the buspassager to have the blondhaired guy be searching up an adres from a phonebook in a phonecell. it would add in my opinion again more flavor depth the scene. make it more alive.

and about the ending.
well i wasnt quite sure what the blond guy was doing when he ran away from the security guard/ cop (again make it seem a little better understandable) untill he ran out of concrete i half expected him to jump on the train which had suited him better that to stop and think about trying to go for the gun. but the thing that irks me the most is that when the kid jumps on the guy then he gets a change of heart and we learn that he doesnt want to kill anyone (i assume, i might have completely missed the message. as it also could have just been that the kid shouldnt grow up like him but again now where out of the information we have seen can we make that assumption.). and he surrenders that part isnt that bad since he gave up, but then we see the kid who attacked a police officer and tried to pickpocket get away without a warning or even just the littlest bit of a reaction to what he has done today? and some m night shymalajan like twist ending in which the kid just looks into the camera? not convinving me at. not getting which message you d like to send.

that is what i have to say storywise.

the animation was quite decent except for some small things that kept bugging me.
such as the animation of the faces you wanted to tell the story without sound or voice so then it must be understood through facial cues and bodylanguage i had the biggest problems getting the story because these thing were subpar, i highly reccomend you practise more on these since they make or in this case break your story.

and the camera, enough with the shaky camera without a reason. unless you have a person with parkisons disease on camera dont use that! you use during a chase but not when someone is tryiing to sneak into a room to steal something!

or the lensflares! my god my poor eyes, are you just trying to blind us from watching and understanding what you made! please just please tone it down. for the sake of the viewing adience.

and talking about viewing, i know this may sound old but when i first started this i doublechecked the quality since i had the : was this filmed with a potato feeling ?
but it might just be an effect or technical problem but i got a very low quality feeling from it.

now since i broke it all down let me build it up!

firstly i m sorry if i was a bit rude or straightforward in my revieuw of your work, i cant help since i am just trying to be brutally honest. i liked the idea of a criminal trying to get whats his after years of imprisonment. what i would have loved was if he had gotten away and his brownhaired friend got arrested. just a pet peeve.

also you have a quite the talent for 3d animations and i implore you to keep making these to get even better at it. who knows maybe you ll work someday at disney or pixar as an animator!

i hope i was a bit of use and thanx for reading al this text!
have a great day and an even better future

Well, got to be honest, I didn't like it that much. It is great to see 3D animation here on newgrounds, but for me it was really distracting, probably because of the way characters moved. It was like they were walking on the clouds. No sense of gravity.
Other thing is that I didn't feel any emotion watching this. It wouldn't bother me that much if it wasn't obvious that you were going for emotional story. My opinion. I could be wrong about it.
I'm sorry, but nothing clicked here with me. It probably has a potential as a live action short movie with voices, but as it is, for me, it falls flat.
With all that said, I encourage you to continue 3D animation. I am really interested how much you can achieve in 3D ;)

A very touching move. What else can be said? Great job!

Wow, that's such a beautiful cartoon. It was made all the more impressive by how it had no dialogue. You just let the fantastic animation tell the story entirely. I had no idea it was going to end like that. Well, I guess it just works out like that sometimes. That's reality.

Although they didn't talk, they had a lot of personality. It was even more of their actions and not so much their facial expressions. I guess it was just a friendship that was never meant to be. I love it when works just tell it like it is. I loved it!