Reviews for "Followers"

If you are not already in the movie business, you should be.

The story is not as dramatic and exciting as some says but I just like this mellow story. And not to mention the animation style is top notch

An entertaining and visually apealling story of an old man and a boy. Wow, I've never seen that before, except for in the case of Up and I think Gran Torino. However that is beside the point. This is exactly what I said in the beginning of this review, entertaing and visually appealing, however a table can't stand with one leg. This animation shows that people of all ages can relate to each other through a great plot with little to no fat on it and characters that you know you aren't supposed to root for but do anyway because you want to see where their relationship goes. I really, really like the connection you drew here with school and prison, and if I ever get any backlash for anything it'll be this...*Takes deep breath and closes eyes* schools are prisons for children. My only two problems with this is that there is no character development and the weak-ass ending. I felt you could've done so much more with the ending instead of him just being arrested after seeing his past acquaintance and dropping his gun. Instead, I think you should have done that but the officer sees his acquaintance and gets shot (the kid being traumatized for life having witnessing a murder in front of him) and he finally meets up with him. Why? Because sometimes to have a good ending things need to be forced. Then something would happen between the kid and the two other guys there. Other than that this is just plain solid I would give this a lower rating but it doesn't feel right. 4.5/5. Great job!

Don't think I'd have understood the prison break unless I'd read the description, that part's not in the animation at all. Other than that, it remains consistent even without speech, tells a tale of people, and crime, and ends... sadly but, in a good way, kinda. The animation's impressive, though certain motions, like the walking, feels a bit choppy. I like the bright; sunny atmosphere all the way through. Nice work!


Really impressive. Excellent animation and compelling story. One of the best I've seen.