Reviews for "Followers"

Cinematography, and visuals were great. Colors were nice, and the simulated handheld camera was a fun touch. My only recommendation would be to focus a bit more on the character animation. Everyone felt really stiff and weightless, but overall a really stunning piece.

The lights, the graphics, the story.... everything in this movie it's perfect, really. The sad and unespect ending was a brilhant. This is the second best film that you ever made, this first of course was Aqua HD. Keep going!!!

this is just phenominal. the animation, everything, it's so clean and minimal.

it's just simplistic and it get's it's job done, it tells a story.

This is one of the best 3D films I've seen on Newgrounds so far. The textures were amazing in its own style. The story was pretty good too. And the music fits in everything perfectly. 5 Stars. :)

Nice job :D Really liked it.