Reviews for "USSR: first launch"

Cool, but the medals are broken

zotostap responds:

Thanks! What's the problem do you have with medals?

Not worth the time it would take. More customization would be helpful, and more depth to the challenge , rather than repetitive spamming. One star for the cool theme.

zotostap responds:

Thank you for commenting! What particularly can you suggest, in plain words, perhaps?)

I bashed the fucking launch button thinking it'll make the rocket go faster XD

SO hardcore, very pro, much communism ! 5/5

zotostap responds:

Thanks a lot bro!)))

A little on the plain side. I would add an indicator of what type of propellent you're using when launching the rockets.


Got all the medals and boy, was that tough.

The game is all about the precise timing so you have to launch the rocket at the right moment as well as the right speed. However for me, I would always try to go for the fastest propellent and I'd recommend all the other players to do the same as it gives you the best shot of pulling it off in every level.

The game is pretty frustrating as sometimes the flames would touch the flag and that's enough to abort the launch, what gives? Sometimes I don't think the rocket even touched the flag at all, but in the end I was able to pull it off.

With that said, it is possible to pass all the launch, but you have to fire at the right moment and it won't be easy as you know why.

Oddly enough, the last level is much easier than some of the first ones since my first success came in that stage.

Not impossible to beat this game but it's pretty close.

zotostap responds:

Dude when the first rocket/shattle had been launched, you wouldn't believe how tough it was))) Thanks for commenting!)