Reviews for "Witch Hunt"

quite a bit of fanservice for an E rated game. I can see plot and pink panties. nice! =w=b

also very fungame, though I wish I could get more gold and cast faster hehe

vipervgames responds:

Thanks! to cast faster, upgrade the motormouth skill. I can't seem to understand the rating system here for games. If I add one level of nudity or mature to the settings, it makes my game 'M' for mature. when we all see boobs flying about and women on bathing suits on tv anyway :p

I like this Game ^~^ It makes fun and you want to play it to the end ^^

But somehow I didn`t got the Medals I should have ... I deafeted the last Boss, no Medal, I got 100,000 Gold ... No Medal ._.

Lol that fanservice button in options :')
Good game, really like the upgrade menus and upgrades. Runs smooth, and it's a nice defense game.
Originality, not much as I do remember another game that has this, only you play a ranger in that one.
However that game was good too, so this one is also :D
Well another game to get medals in.. Dammit, now I feel the need to get them all. Damn you inner achievement-whore.

MAKE A "A" version please!