Reviews for "Witch Hunt"

Took me a bit to get used to the idea of leading my shots. Nice to play as an anti-heroine with less then noble goals. Graphics and sound are rock solid, and I love the touch that there's a progression from daylight to dusk to night on the stages. My only minor gripe is that it seems like you've got to do a little grinding to really progress, but that's understandable to degree.

Her skirt is surely enchanted, jumping up like that shouldn't let her flash her panties like so. But I'm not complaining. Awesome game.

vipervgames responds:

Thanks :D

awesome game I found it very charming and if there's ever a sequel I feel that the title will live to its name with another protagonist great work

Overall very good game though there were some lag and delay sometimes where it would take few extra seconds to activate another rune .. usually happens with thunder rune for me with L5 spell activated of thunder affiliated spell
4.5 stars +0.5 for the satisfaction after finishing the game .. a curious and good ending. SEXY character btw

5/5 I see pink.

But for real this game well deserves a 5. It's less boring than the other "wait to kill bad guys". It has interesting concept on the spells considering you gotta figure out what is better regarding the enemies and the upgrade path. However it's lacking in story. I mean I get the goblins they charge at her for having the crystal which is essentially the solid form of Greed. I mean kill something in front of it and it becomes gold the goblins would sleep with it! Continuing from before. I get the golbins but the undead suddenly pop up and then it's a giant undead overlord. Where did that come from? Couldn't he like I dunno be Greed himself that wants his crystal back for whatever reason. I may seem harsh on it but that's the way I give out my reviews nowadays.

Keep it up I'd love to see a new game from you.

vipervgames responds:

Thanks! Never got to add more story, tho as I ran out of time and resources. Basically, Lucrea traveled to hostile territory, so, yeah. emeniez.

It has fanservice button! 10/10 IGN would had rate this higher.