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Reviews for "Witch Hunt"

Difficult game, took four hours to beat it. Fair though, since you keep the gold you make even if you die. Auto button was necessary Lots of nice little touches like the restart stage button. It feels like a complete game though there were balance issues. Fifth arcanes were useless. Fire was useless throughout the whole game, even more so when the fire stumps were introduced. I have no idea how the large hp guys were suppose to be dealt with, during the third half I just used the instant death and clock combo.

Tips: Get the gold upgrade first. There are buffs in the shop, I didn't notice the shop button until much later. What I did in the graveyard was Thunder runes and Mjonir. if you have 50% acc or so on Thunder, maxed arcane recovery, it should be doable. The arcane buff in the shop also helps.
Third half, instant death and clock combo. Max spell casting speed, and the number of icicles thrown, and piercing.

This game has just made my weekend :D

I can't get the last two trophies (talzarus the azure and trophy collector) because it says I haven't finished the game, despite doing so many times (unless there really is something at the top of that tower?)
But nearly everything else I love about this game. Apart from the storm pengu, which I found very understrengthed compared to the overall damage the others do (since they stick around so long).
Great graphics, not a bad storyline, good action, nice upgrades, LOVE the ad option, and of course, bewbs.

vipervgames responds:

Thank you! Storm Pengu used to be something that stays in the screen, too. buuuut I had a lot of performance issues with it. - as for the trophy. Please play the 1.08b patch and just finish the game again. after the credits (ok to skip) it should pop up.

I lost all my day playing this game

Great Game, but I think I found a bug.
After I completed the game, I went back to the second level, the one right after the tutorial, and I use a lvl2 fire sigil where the goblins would have walked through, but instead if dying, they gained so much health that the green bar went right across the screen.