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Reviews for "Witch Hunt"

Its hard as fuck ill give it that,
Really cool, but just 1 thing (Its just a nit pick)
That underskirt fanservice thing at the end of a level, is it really necesary?? I mean really?
The game is awsome and all, but Im just not into that kinda stuff.

Good game though.
I love the controls it feels very new, each atack feels allot diferent then the rest wich is always a good thing.

Nice game! Awesome music, great art.
Btw, it's very strange, but that sorceress kinda looks like my girlfriend(especially when she is angry XD), although Lucrea's hair is shorter than her.

A very fun and amusing game with an attractive art style, lovable and sexy protagonist and simple yet fun mechanics!

I'm probably one of the only newgrounders to give this a four and not a five. And that is I tend to find some mechanics in games kind of, eh. I love the animation, it felt like the actual author creates anime for a living. The dialogue is not it's best, if you could play a game with a blind fold, some duct tape to cover the screen, and have the eyes to see through duct-tape, then that shouldn't be a problem. It's funny too when the Main enemies have better dialogue, not trying to be a jerk but I'm trying to be as wordy and critical as possible. The main character's dialogue is the point that irritates me, She tries to seem like a total show-off sometimes which I will admit would be handy for later character development but will cause some dents. The music is great, It fits what the game is about perfect.

The enimies are challenging, but there are some things just about the game mechanics that just, run over. The bouncing breasts in my face and other fetishistic things you show to me doesn't mean I will be aroused by it, which is once the Zero Punctuation creator said on Bayonetta. Now, I will have my word this review is only by the first level. So this is basically first impressions but since my interest in defense games are dire I can't really continue but you done a great job balancing some things. There is more flaws and other things to cover but since I'm a lazy butt. I can't do that. This game Gets a 8/10 I would play again if it weren't for a my dire taste in game like these.

Very Satisfying! The final boss is a bit hard because of the stupid dragons.