Reviews for "Witch Hunt"

A Great Tower Defense Game from the One Who made the Awesome Game Forbidden Arms!
Keep Up the Great Work kreig13!

One of the better defence games i've played, probably because it doesn't feel like one most of the time with all the attacking options you have. I love the graphical style and the animation in game and out is great. I like the fact that you have a limit to spending so you can't super-max everything

I agree with a previous poster that additional scenes between each zone/boss would help set the scene and flesh out the story a bit.

Whilst I don't disapprove of fanservice in general, i feel it detracts from this game. The main character is well draw and cute, feisty and sexy enough without the upskirt. However if she was to star in a spinoff game I wouldn't complain ;)

Its hard as fuck ill give it that,
Really cool, but just 1 thing (Its just a nit pick)
That underskirt fanservice thing at the end of a level, is it really necesary?? I mean really?
The game is awsome and all, but Im just not into that kinda stuff.

Good game though.
I love the controls it feels very new, each atack feels allot diferent then the rest wich is always a good thing.

Nice game! Awesome music, great art.
Btw, it's very strange, but that sorceress kinda looks like my girlfriend(especially when she is angry XD), although Lucrea's hair is shorter than her.

Make art of Lucrea! :D