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Reviews for "Witch Hunt"

It's unbelievable how this game has no flaws! Challenging but not frustrating and with good gameplay, music and arts (I love Lucrea Quarta, especially when she's mad!). The only thing that surprised me is not related to the game itself, but to the other users, it has surprised me that living beings could dislike the fanservice, really I can't understand that. Good that you have just put the "off" option and not removed it completely, it would have been a complete disaster!

Also, good work with the game updates and keep up with the good work!

DOOPCdrZappBrannigan a. k. a. Marco88

Lol, i've allready made my way to lvl 29 of the tower right after finishing the game and investing only the money i got from the last boss. I have farmed 3kk gold allready and it's not like it would be ower soon as i have found like eternal tactic. I have full life and like 900+ charges of super-lightning. But it's so long and exhosting thati have paused game many times allready.
Frost + Lightning = Win.
But actually game is super good.

What you played gentlemen is a true masterpiece.

This game is, where to begin.... it is one of the best game I have ever played on Newgrounds. Everything is perfect, the interface, easy tutorial, good musics, funny soud effects, the storyline is enough for that kind of game and a bit original. I also really liked the running gag with witch. Generally the humour is pretty good. I smiled at the Sacred goblin voices, good memories. Also when they taunt our heroine with their "kek kek kek" and "u mad human ?", fucking gold...

Moreover it's a good way to spend time playing something that for once my shitty laptop allows. At the end, during the greedling fight I was down at 9 fps. When I get a decent computer I will return to complete everything.

The authors really did their best to come up with such an addictive game, it's superb, I am almost speechless.

Regarding the people complaining about the so-called fan service (which in my opinion fits to the universe, it's freaking fantasy : "boobs, swords and magic" for fuck sake, have you ever played a D&D pen and paper game before ? Don't bother answering, I know the anwser):
Those who complain about this slight detail are the worst hypocrites, you are whining just for some jiggling boobs and a pink pantsu. I bet 90% of you watch game of thrones or at least one TV series with many sexual elements. And the truth is you like it, you fucking crave for it, involuntary or not. I swear kids these days, wimps, I fear the worst with new generations like yours.

I don't want to go on and on with my rambling so I will conclude by saying this:
5 stars hands down, you made a terrific game and I thank you. Gimme some old school fantasy tower defense with sexy female characters everyday !

Hats off.

A Great Tower Defense Game from the One Who made the Awesome Game Forbidden Arms!
Keep Up the Great Work kreig13!

One of the better defence games i've played, probably because it doesn't feel like one most of the time with all the attacking options you have. I love the graphical style and the animation in game and out is great. I like the fact that you have a limit to spending so you can't super-max everything

I agree with a previous poster that additional scenes between each zone/boss would help set the scene and flesh out the story a bit.

Whilst I don't disapprove of fanservice in general, i feel it detracts from this game. The main character is well draw and cute, feisty and sexy enough without the upskirt. However if she was to star in a spinoff game I wouldn't complain ;)