Reviews for "Witch Hunt"

Game of the year so far for me.

Orgy of good animated pro graphics, very good sound.
Prolog, epilog, humor.
Easy to play balanced upgrade tree and level design.
No bugs encountered.

I didn't research but I think, there is an original this comes close to.
No question, one of the best free games I ever played.

most enjoyed the e4-bowling style ;)

At first this felt like a bland game with shalow demographics, but then the Arcane cards came...gamplay changer right there, got me hook from that point on
now im trying to finish this game. Very good

Hook, line; and sinker.
The tits will draw you in.
gg btw.


First look at the game "hey tities". but all and all it turned out to be a pretty good game.

I like hox all the double-u's are crossed out.