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Reviews for "Witch Hunt"

Damn time eater :D Nice game a lil bit too long but ok. Fix thing that going to laggy after few lvls.

A bit grindy, but still fun
Really like the music too
Solid work overall. If you make a sequel, however, I would like you to add a bit more variety into the enemies and spells, maybe even make some challenge stages while we're at it. Those extra bits would incline me to give the game a higher rating.


A very addicting, one-(wo)man tower defense gameplay. Really good sense of progression whenever you upgrade your runes and passive. Also, nice overall artwork. Lucrea is quite the eye candy.

i have to admit i was underwhelm at first but hen started playing more i mean i wouldn't say it is a perfect game but it is totally a great one. keep up the good work i guess.