Reviews for "Witch Hunt"

A bit grindy, but still fun
Really like the music too
Solid work overall. If you make a sequel, however, I would like you to add a bit more variety into the enemies and spells, maybe even make some challenge stages while we're at it. Those extra bits would incline me to give the game a higher rating.


A very addicting, one-(wo)man tower defense gameplay. Really good sense of progression whenever you upgrade your runes and passive. Also, nice overall artwork. Lucrea is quite the eye candy.

i have to admit i was underwhelm at first but hen started playing more i mean i wouldn't say it is a perfect game but it is totally a great one. keep up the good work i guess.

Maybe I got some glitches or something, but...
1) Upgrading runes in the shop seems to do nothing. Damage doesn't seem to have increased, and they're nearly maxed out.
2) Two levels before the tower, I ran into an unknown number of dragons. Stopped counting somewhere in the thirties. At one point, they filled up the right side of the screen in the space of about ten seconds and steamrolled me with fireballs.
3) Goldrush mode also seems to do nothing.

I'd like to finish this game, but for whatever reason I seem to have hit a brick wall. It's been otherwise a fun and enjoyable time-killer.