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Reviews for "Witch Hunt"

Great job. You can see that effort was put in the project.
Quick fix suggestion : Include the activated relics in the save file. When you close and reopen the game, they get unselected. It is very frustrating when you are high up in the tower and you realise that you forgot to activate them again.

vipervgames responds:

I added an indicator / hovering hand to the gobu merchant on the latest version. sadly, if i tinker with the savefile right now, i may just mess it up.

This is a very well done game, I hoping to make a game some time soon!

vipervgames responds:

goodluck with that! i'll play it, too when it's don! and thank you for playing!

It's alright.
Maybe it's because I only got 2 or 3 levels before getting bored, but...I found the following:
1) Lightning is way OP.
2) Ice is useful because it hits multiple enemies multiple times
3) Fire sucks. Not only is there no explosion or anything, but it deals lower damage overall than ice, travels slower, only hits one opponent, is summoned slower... it's really useless.

So the game was "use lightning unless someone started getting in close, then switch to ice, then switch back to lightning".

I dunno, with only 3 stacks to use and having them that imbalanced, I just got bored.
This is just a personal thing, I guess, but I would find this game more entertaining if you could switch between different attacks in the same element (like say... buttons 1-3 for what attack you were using and q-e for which element)

vipervgames responds:

the game offers way more than that. of course you have to play a bit longer to see all that. can't blame you tho. thanks for trying still!

Why is it pink. Red would be a better fit I'd say. Fringes would be a bit much I guess.. *wink*

vipervgames responds:

coin toss said pink, sorry.
you can also turn fanservice off in the options.

Panty shots + tower defense? There's no way my little tower defense game can be this cute.
Really nice game. Loved the graphics.

vipervgames responds: