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Reviews for "Witch Hunt"

why does it open another window? and doesn't work.

Thought it was a nifty idea at first and was ramped up to play it, but it's really grind-choked, making the experience kind of painful and lackluster. O well.

Also: Why am I not getting medals? And why does it open in another window? Anyone have an answer to this? Thanks.

Is the final boss before the tower looking thingy bugged in the NewGrounds player? Everytime I beat him it just ends with a black screen and nothing happens.

EDIT: Nevermind, it works now XD

nice breasts, but i wish her panties were more visible

The game itself is good, you need to think how to plan the usage of certain spells against certain enemies, but one thing is unforgivable: the dumbness of the key medals. Mindless and endless grind is NOT a challenge. You gave only 25 points for beating the challenges that require the player's skills and planning, while the grind medals are worth 50 points and the final medal depends on them. For how long would I have to play it to get 10 000 kills or earn 1 000 000 gold? The cost of the current upgrade for one of the runes is now 100 000 gold and there are still some 4 more to buy. For how much? A million? All these issues completely ruin the game... it is just totally dumb.