Reviews for "Witch Hunt"

big boob with nice and her kills for gold so she like a thief even more cool and to top it off this game so fun, good job PS I have a thing for girls with a lot of greed

Great Game, but I think I found a bug.
After I completed the game, I went back to the second level, the one right after the tutorial, and I use a lvl2 fire sigil where the goblins would have walked through, but instead if dying, they gained so much health that the green bar went right across the screen.

I want to second part of this game!

The game would not save my game no matter what. My flash player are updated, no cookies or my history are being deleted, and I can not find the GodSeeD\WH_SaveData.sol in my computer in order to back it up. I don't even have the game in a private tab or anything like that. Do not know what the problem is but the game is good its just that save issue I am having is preventing me from fully completing the game.

Great game, make a second part, it's very fun.