Reviews for "Witch Hunt"

MAKE A "A" version please!

its OK.

I like games.

I liked your game, for a while at least.

I dunno if I'm doing it wrong, but the game is now unbeatable, because the "Arcana" spells do not work no matter how hard I click on them. I, honestly, don't think it's the game itself; it is either

A) My own ignorance, even though I thought I read the tutorials, or
B) The version of the game I am playing at this time is glitched or something due to the page, not the game.

I honestly do love your game, I just can't play past the 6th level...

Help would be appreciated.

vipervgames responds:

the arcana spells need to be bought and unlocked using arcane mastery. to use them, press 1 - 5 of their respective levels. (the number keys above Q W E R T) - you also need arcane charges to use them.

that screen when winning XD boobs bouncing yay nice fanservice there and nice game, its kinda fun and refreshing after frustratingly playing bad games all the time.... well, its cool that games like this exist, need to be frontpaged

Very addicting was fun