Reviews for "What will you choose?"

Darn, this deserves more than five stars -- but I guess 'INFINITY STARS!1' does sound a little childish. Anyway, I don't think I can say anything about this flash that hasn't been summed up already by just about everyone else: terrific animation, great music, great voicing, amazing writing, clever jokes, and so on and so on, ad infinitum. A groin attack is so par for the course -- but here, you actually make it work in a way that's genuinely funny, as if it was the first nad-kick in human history. It's like reinventing the fart joke, it's brilliantly genius. If I didn't know better, I'd think this was a Dorkly Bits masterpiece. It's nice to know that they don't have the monopoly on videogame satire. And sure, sometimes the sprite close-ups look like a pre-millennial .AVI file, but guess what? It doesn't effing matter! This is so good with all of its elements together that I can't even find something to legitimately nitpick about. (Aside from the previously mentioned holy-pixelation-Batman.) I hope this gets enough views to break the internet, because people have been making Pokemon parodies, homages, and jokes since 1997 -- but eighteen years later, this wonderful bit of digital cinema proves to be wonderfully original and unique among them. I wouldn't be surprised if this achieves meme status sometime in the next week. It is THAT GOOD. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this project, and best of luck to y'all on your current and future endeavors. You should never rest on your laurels, but nevar forget holy crap this is awesome. *REWATCHES AT LEAST TEN TIMES*

lol just lol this made my day a bit better.

OMG that was hilarious! good animation too! And great voice acting!

Holy shit, this is amazing:3

The best thing I've seen in a while. 11/10. would play.