Reviews for "What will you choose?"

hAHaha Was Epic!
Couldn't wait to see what the other Pokemon had to say after hearing Squirtle.
Thing is though... couldn't really hear Bulbasaur so it's good there was subtitles.
Then Charmander was creepy but Charizard was badass.
In the game I'd choose Charmander, but if they had personalities like this, then I'd choose Squirtle.

Oh my god, this was so freaking good, I loved Charmander's song, especially when he evolved and evolved again into Charizard and started banging on about being a dragon. Great work with this fantastic piece.

YES YES SO MUCH YES, That was epic. Great work here. I've been a pokemon fan since I was 4 with Red and Blue and I always wanted to take Gary down a notch. The whole thing you did with each of the pokemon was pretty sweet I would comment on each one but I don't want to be a spoiler.

P.S. This is the first item on newgrounds I have commented on since I joined in 09. This was that Epic.

Very Creative use of sprites ^^ This was awesome. And so are you guys for making it XP

GamesWePlay responds:

Just like you are for watching it.
Thanks for popping in!

Like everyone else is saying: It's funny and original when compared with other pokemon parodies, which i enjoy.
The lipsync is off as well, but i still found it lighthearted and genuinely fun to watch!