Reviews for "What will you choose?"

I'd really like to hear the rest of charmanders song im sure im not the only one if its out there somewhere will someone mind sending it to me? thanks this was a great video

GamesWePlay responds:

Since we made the song along with the video I'm not sure anyone else will be able to help you out. Rest assured we're working on getting plenty of stuff both new and old for you guys to have.
Thanks for watching.

Woah, i would choose squirtle just because his rap was awesome

Too the beach?

And his name isn't Gary. It's GREEN, just as the main protag's name is RED! Decent animation, creative lyrics, bad framing in the Game Boy screen.

Love the bulbasaur rasta song but i would like to hear charmanders song though (he is my favorite)

Yeah I see Bulbasaur smoking weed. I wish i could have seen the rest of charmander's song.