Reviews for "King Dugan's Dungeon ep.3"

After nearly half an hour, I cant solve even a single room (other than the tutorials obv). And this coming from someone that is amazing at puzzle games. Either there are no solutions, or there is some really nasty bug, or maybe your game is just too confusing to solve with logic.

Skellus responds:

I am sorry to hear that flamewolf. I am afraid there is no nasty bug and there obviously are solutions. I'd like to encourage you to try KDDL1 first, because this is the third entry which covers levels 13-16 of the original 25-level-long game, so the levels here are rather difficult.

there are bad controls. there are terribad controls.

and then there are these controls.

I ended up enjoying this game, even though it was pretty frustrating. I couldn't quite understand how to get out of some situations. It really is quite a complicated game. It's all the more satisfying when you succeed in it. I think the graphics could be a tad better, though. It's a nice, big game.

I managed to get one secret medal. Well, it wasn't that difficult. It is fun when you get to kill those cockroaches. I'm glad they don't all respawn at once. It's nice to see the little things going on.