Reviews for "The Sun for the Vampire 2"

I like it, but slowdown was difficult to deal with. Graphics could improve, but overall it's good.

Too many "puzzles" rely on dexterity tricks rather than thought process. Clipping bugs mean that some of those dexterity tricks screw you over anyway. The delay in turning into a bat is infuriating at best, and the fact that you can't do it when you're falling is just so much horseshit.

Nice concept, though.

Pretty nice job. Nice graphics and music.
There is a glitch if you pick up a box while converting into a bat, you get stuck.

I really enjoy this game! I think it's because it has a very good tone to it. Vampire and ghoul stuff can be all around the year, not just Halloween. I love how you have a lot of mobility. I was wondering when you'd be able to fly at first. The music creates a great atmosphere, too.

It's even funny sounding when he falls to his death. Or he's a vampire, so...? The graphics were really quite good in this. I appreciated the little things going on. It did get annoying when I kept having to transform just to jump.

Nice idea, but as soon as it's a big level it starts to lag ungodly. Optimize, make use of .cacheAsBitmap, convert animations into PNG sequences, finally, don't display out-of-stage content.