Reviews for "The Sun for the Vampire 2"

good,but you should jump and turn bat in free fall.also,i got the first 15 coins and it shows me only 14/30 coins.HOW AM I GONA GET THE MEDAL NOW:(((((????hope tommorow it will show me the correct number

Very good game. A few things I would change is to allow him to jump and no time limit when it comes to flying, like in the first game. That was much more realistic. Also, I think there should be different sounds for when he does. Like if he gets his with the sun beams, you should hear a sizzling sound and he turns to ash. But great jump. A funny little game. Perhaps the third can be a combo of puzzles and a fighting game as well.

Qu'il est bon de pouvoir jouer à un bon jeu vidéo qui mélange intelligemment plateforme et puzzle! Merci à Demkamen pour ce bon moment! Mes premières impressions sont très bonnes en tout cas, si bien que je pense essayer de le terminer dès que j'ai un peu de temps :)

my video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rj2x5XSnuj0

hard but still fun...unfortunately,I could not finish it because of the lag at later levels,this is a problem where a game requires you to have extreme precision to solve the puzzles...it would be nice if you could fix it