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Reviews for "Kawaii Aishiteru Wormhole"

Grinding out the souls was a little hard but that ending was exactly what I expected lol. - Doug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome

Okay, I know this game's satire, but it's actually pretty motivating! I loved the message, and the fact that the MC doesn't have a specified gender, so you can imagine them however you like. Jay and May are both extremely lovable, I couldn't just choose one. I actually explored both red and blue paths completely, trying out all the replies - it was fun! Overall, great game, and I get it that the sequel was a joke, but a game set in the same universe (maybe with new characters, since these guys seem to have it all sorted out) woud be cool!

A bisexual's game lol

I cant get the game to start in Newgrounds; If I follow the link for the source code, I can find one that starts, but it only goes to the initial screen that says "who are you?" No matter what I type here, the game crashes almost immediately, as well as closing the browser window that I opened the game in.

Totally unplayable, unless I'm missing something.....

O^O Is there a ending?? Can't I just stay with the one I want???

Foolmoron responds:

There is definitely a final true ending path that you can find!