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Reviews for "Jim's Grim Story"

I've talked to Flint, Speedy, Dr. Rubble, Dwayne and Pebbles. Now what? I've tried to enter every house, interact with every person and animal, slid under that big grey bolder a few times. I have part of a purple square left and three red ones. Right now, i have Mrs. Austin cornered for lack of anything else to do.

After reading the intro, I'm not so sure I want to continue on with this game. I don't like the idea of kids decorating their room with other people's pets and the neighbors, too. I don't know, it doesn't sound like a fun game at all.

I'm not sure how to rate this. I'm stuck, I don't know where to go after talking to all those people and I'm not sure I like the story line.

DaedalusGames responds:

Thank you a lot for playing. I uploaded a new update (1.41) that I hope indicates what you should do enough for you to advance.

I understand your matter concerning questionable content. I assure that Jim's Grim Story communicates a humanistically significant story, but it is, however, made for a mature audience.

Nice game, liked the concept... but with lots of bugs. When you die, the time and the mission mark doesn't reset and when the time ends, the "try again" button don't work.

DaedalusGames responds:

Thank you a lot for playing. I uploaded a new update (1.41). Unfortunately, my previous updates did not upload but I addressed some of the bugs you encountered and their fixes should be present in this update. Please play my game again, if you'd like, and I hope you enjoy it more.

the general idea seemed somewhat interesting, but I don't know where to go after i get all the rocks, so I can't do anything. :( I would love it if you comment on the game I just made, if you don't mind.

DaedalusGames responds:

Thank you a lot for playing. I uploaded an update that hopefully indicates what you should do after obtaining your first collection of pets.

Not bad i like the story and all but the time thing makes me feel too rushed to talk to the rock,knifes, and cows but overall pretty good game keep it up!