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Reviews for "Jim's Grim Story"

Top-down view is a pretty interesting approach to this type of game, feels like they're usually regular 3D, and what's even better: it doesn't lag! Even if the game world seems quite large. So many of these Unity games usually do. Jump animation looks a bit odd when you're not really jumping over anything, and I wish you could move faster when you want to move a larger distance (seems that'd be the dash key, which actually makes you slide/jump?), but overall controls are fluent, graphics/music good, and there seems to be a story too. I can't figure out how to interact though, nothing mentioned about that under 'How to Play'. It seems those orange checkpoints should have some purpose but... what do they do? Anyway, looks like a good game!


This is a sad story, but I did enjoy playing. There just some bugs to be fix. I never get a chance to complete the story cause everytime I died time reduces, and I just died 3 times and I can't even replay. Second, when I died and replayed, the pets I killed don't exist anymore but the names still do.
A little advice that if there's a option a find mom instead of killing for another ending, that will be satisfying. :)

this was actually pretty good :)
believe me, I had fun playing this game xD
but, can you make a run button, please? :3 I don't like to slide everytime I lost my patience xD

BTW, you aren't supposed to go inside the houses. After finding the rocks, you'll have to find some knives, which is located behind the houses, not inside :)
after that, you'll have to kill some cows. And on this stage, the peoples will come chasing after you and kill you. So, be careful on this stage.

That's the stage I've played, since I got killed after killing all the cows and went to his home xD great game, though ^^
4.5 stars because it still needs some improvisation on the graphic, but the plot is excellent! kinda have a goosebumps here, guys xD

DaedalusGames responds:

Thank you a lot for playing and for being so kind. Could you please edit-in a spoiler header in your comment?

You seemed to have had a full experience with Jim's Grim Story. However, if you like, please play again, and if you have any feedback, let me know. I'd very much appreciate it.

Thanks a great deal.

I don't know what to do after I collect all the rocks, I'm stuck, there are no clear instructions or anything, I give up. The game needs a map. The idea was interesting, but I don't know how to finish this.

DaedalusGames responds:

Thank you a lot for playing. I uploaded a new update (1.41) that I hope indicates what you should do enough for you to advance. Please play again, if you like.

If you feel that, by the end of the game, a mini-map is still needed, please let me know. I'd very much appreciate it.

Kids a psychopath. Git a mini map pls