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Reviews for "Compresse?"


Great music you got there. First noticed when playing a certain flash game that lead me to this page.

Ever since hearing this, let's just say I became addicted and it's practically an ear worm. The only problem is that the loop wasn't too smooth, had it been the case it would have been perfect.

Anyway keep the the great work.

If only

This is so very awesome. It's too bad sounds don't always loop entirely smoothly in Flash... plus it would be annoying to queue the song up several times on a playlist and ensure there's no shuffle. Not that it's too hard to edit the file to have several loops in one mp3, but it would be sweet if this was more than a short menu loop.


Awesome to say the least.


I closed my eyes,
I saw strawberries,
I saw topless girlz on a beach,
eating melons, bananas and lots of strawberries...
Becouse This Loop Is Sooo SWEEET
Please make a song out of this
with some femalevoices and a chill pianosolo...
Love you


man this is just so soothing life would suck without music...especialy without your music!