Reviews for "Swing Rocket Dash"

For a simple little game, this is actually pretty fun and really addictive! Good Job!

nice gameplay... a litte bit more action required

I give 3.5 stars because this game for one, is a decent game, and two because this game is short and has a moderate-to intense difficulty since even starting out could be a challenge. The lack of longevity and simplicity of this game makes me drop a little of my rating, but I think the simplicity is part of this game. Save.

Et bien voilà un bon jeu qui part d'une idée simple: la substitution. Le rouge et le bleu s'échange d'une touche et le gameplay offre un challenge intéressant et plaisant.

my video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4aPivsT2J0

Simple, effective design. Everything works and the challenge was good.