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Reviews for "Walk to the door"

Totally make more of these! That last level got me a couple times, but I can see where this could get extremely difficult. The system you've assembled here is intriguing; strategy with action. For an original and fun game, I give this a 5/5. Level creator might even be a fun thing to do!

Jeez, that was pretty awesome! I thought it wasn't going to be so good, because of the simplistic art style, but I really ended up enjoying it.

I love how I needed to think about the ways where my guy had to go, and the best part, that I got to interact and guide him myself, instead of watching it fail and being able to do nothing. A lot of walking puzzles just have you start from the beginning, and set it up, having to have a precise pattern to pass.

Sure, you have to have a pattern, but I could always work it out. What got me was just me momentarily forgetting, and having to restart. I appreciate that the game is balanced like this, and that I got to actually interact with the process. Very fun!

Great game!! The "walk" type puzzle game is nothing new, but you really innovated with making the player move the windows in order to grab each direction. My favourite level was last one.
The only things I didn't like was the lack of story. That after stepping on a mine, the game doesn't reset by it's own, I have to press the Reset button. And some buttons or arrows have dead pixels.
Other than that, I know you made it for Ludum Dare, but please consider making a part 2!!

Very nice game, at first to control the guy looks a bit difficult but then it becomes easier and easier. Maybe the arrows should be without the circle, because you actually change direction of the guy when he touches the circle not the arrow, so sometimes can be annoying this, but anyway not a big deal.

I loved it :)