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Reviews for "Walk to the door"

A really nice way (and innovative) way to move. make sure you make it more clear what to do because you can get a little confused with what you need to do

overall this game is fun and challenging at some parts and thats good.

I enjoyed this very much. Nice little puzzles that really made you plan ahead, with great use of the portals, and a bit about speed as well, at least in the last level. I had it all figured out, but moving the tabs quickly was a pain in the ass. Very nice, though, definitely challenging, which a lot of games lack nowadays. Good job.

I really enjoyed playing this game. The learning curve is well done as are the controls. Now all that's left is to make a sequel, possibly a more challenging one?

Really unique way of figuring out a puzzle. I, personally, don't enjoy the concept of figuring out the puzzle. BUT I really think that other people will like the creativity of figuring the puzzle.

Really fun game with a unique way to play! I did at times find myself getting bored and feel like there are still improvements that could be made! But it is challenging and it kept my interest and a lot of games can't compete with just that anymore!!

Final Rating: 9/10 (3.5 Stars)