Reviews for "Superpanties"

It's always great to see some old school animation on here. This was a very entertaining and funny short. I would definitely love to see more of Superpanties and his adventures. Such a great hero, I love the narcissisitic tendencies and the desire for payment. Again, a great cartoon.

The scene where he's trying to get the 'baby' out of the chair and the flames engulf the room was really neato. I really dig the look of that. Glad to see people still pick up a pencil and paper and actually draw. Good stuff.

Alright, that was just hilarious. The animation was pretty solid, and the movie was packed with all sorts of little jokes. And the hero got a reward! Not the kind of thing I feel should be encouraged, but whatever! Good stuff.

Weird. Awesome, nonetheless.

He should haw let him die