Reviews for "Superpanties"

Solid work the artmwas great, thstory moved at a great pace and the characters were a bit more original than most i've seen these days...and the way you've communicate with the veiwer is spot on good job!

The animating was good, the story was good, everything was not good nevermind... IT WAS GREAT! I liked it a lot. Nice job!

The scene where he's trying to get the 'baby' out of the chair and the flames engulf the room was really neato. I really dig the look of that. Glad to see people still pick up a pencil and paper and actually draw. Good stuff.

HAHA! That was great, I loved the main characters personality and the animation was well done. It's just what I needed to cheer me up after a long day. 5 stars!

Haha, and I thought I'd seen the craziest superheroes already... nicely done! And a bit different from most superhero parodies in how it doesn't actually portray a villian: the fire's the imminent threat here, or... well maybe that one guys surreal amount of zits and other... discrepancies... was the real adversary. Nice work on all that detail!