Reviews for "Superpanties"

lol I didn't expected that! but It was really funny when she said: "please save my baby!"

Wut? (good tho)

Plain genius, the animation was excellent, reminiscent of 80's and 90's cartoons but still clean and smooth. The whole joke of superhero's wearing underwear over their costumes was well played, and all the other jokes hit spot on, from the "baby" being on obese mama's boy to the "reward" Superpanties got they were all excellent.

I honestly think you should apply for a job at Teletoon's adult swim, they need people like you.

Alright, that was just hilarious. The animation was pretty solid, and the movie was packed with all sorts of little jokes. And the hero got a reward! Not the kind of thing I feel should be encouraged, but whatever! Good stuff.

It was odd animation, but it was enjoyable none the less. I liked how when she said, "please save me baby!" Everyone thought she meant an actual baby, but instead we get this 30 year old mama's boy chilling in there.