Reviews for "NK - Nine Circles (SyCx1's dNb Remix)"

Honestly this is not great. I'm sorry, parts of it like the first half minute or so sound great, but the rest not so much. It seems like the only thing you changed in the melody is the timing, which only worked in a few places. Also, your beat and bassline really didn't change much at all, it really made the drop sound all quiet and washed out, especially since the bassline and beats were way too loud. I would take my advice with a grain of salt, because I'm not great at music production. Sorry for the low rating.

SyCx1 responds:

2.5 ain't the worst rating ever. thanks for the feedback. you're correct in that all i really did was change the over-all energy of the track to make it fit into geometry dash levels with a slightly quicker feeling to them.

Great remix!

Cool! Cool!

omg drumsteps

I dont really feel it for i DnB rmx of A Rukkus song. his song are more dubstep. Just seems too drowned and cluttery. Plus sounds kinda like Xtrullors rmx of it.