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Reviews for "Happy Birthday Kim JongUn"

Some of those were good. The "I'm so ronry" one and the 'new, clear future" one were good. Liked Pop's waterpark one. But the noise spam on the first one Kim Jong Un'd your score.

omg so funny and needed you rock man

Ok. Honestly. When I noticed this has been made by clockcrew I expected something more.... completely bad, like really bad. However, this piece what I've watched was so far the best clock sh*t I've ever seen in my newgrounds being. It was funny, f*cked up and completely over the top.

This hodgepodge of Korean jokes is just out of hand. Half star for effort.

I have to say, that was pretty epic, wierd, stupid, and completely dumb, but the stupidity is not the point... the fact that it is FUNNY!!! man i sure did have a laugh, you deserve 5 stars hands down