Reviews for "TD-One Shall Stand"

awesome stuff as always

good luck with the sequels , were waiting

I love the technical Dave videos. It's a great series and I'm excited to see how it eventually ends! (I'll also be a little sad that it's over). This one in particular stood out to me, it just sorta makes me reflect on my own life you know?

awesome stuff man in my opinion making a difference in todays society's just an illusion all we gotta do is just survive and hope we don't get fired from our job for some random bullshit thats headed our way

Studying in France is freeunless you aim at famous/private schools/universities (for which you can earn scholarships). It's a very different system. I really love what you do, talent has never depended on teachers ! ( I know it it coz I'm a teacher)

You really are great, I never watch something like this. The way you make it is all the sparkles and I really love what you do. I'm waiting for the next one ! Keep it up Raziberry :)