Reviews for "Turnip Prices"

Really great Animation! Art and joke were spot on yo.
5/5 aww yiss

Wow this is a fantastic job! Great video and animation!

This was funny as shit! The animation was brilliant and the story was funny.

Aww, this would have been a five star cartoon if only it was longer! What a funny coincidence. I was just reading about whale sharks in Guiness World Records last night! They are unique creatures. I really appreciate how good the animation is. The voice work is flawless too.

The sheep here are just so adorable. It helps that sheep are so awesome. I think this is the first cartoon I've seen in 2015! It looks like we're off to a great year! Everything is just nice and light-hearted.

JoelOnToast responds:

Reese and her husband are Alpacas, but thanks anyway

You never know what's going to turnip in these animations! XD Simple, random; animated with such soft and flowery colors... a refreshingly summery style for summary! Keep up the great work!