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Reviews for "GTA Sucks"

I was kinda expecting a crap animation, but this is pretty neat!

Pretty good but the standard way to end things is a splash screen with a replay option. This relpays constantly which is anoying,

for a beginners animation, this was VERY good!
i liked the characters drawings, faces/face expressions, and the lip-syncing was pretty good, it matched the voice-acting perfectly.

i liked the story as well, it made fun of the GTA V popularity and it was pretty cool.

this movie needs a play/replay button, or a preloader, but other than that, it was GOOD.

you sir, are a good flash artist, and i would like to see more from you.
stick to good humour, and to the nice style that you use for your movie, and you will be fine.

I gave it a two because I can tell it was read from the back of the box with slight modifications to it. The animation also bored me because of that. I could tell that it was being read, it didn't feel natural to me. The content of the video didn't spark my interest.

I do think the animation needs work though too, but I do understand that it is your first animation, therefore that means you have plenty of opportunities to improve your skills. Here's what I would recommend: Script Originality (Maybe take a swing at some jokes), breathe while doing scripts (It felt as though there weren't pauses in there which may have made it harder to finish), and add an interactive intro or outro scene (Press Play or Replay buttons). Users will write reviews after a video and I don't think they want to keep hearing the animation play over and over again, while they review.

Your mic quality, and animating quality will get better over time, practice makes perfect right? My ratings hardly ever include mic quality or animating quality because I understand it may be someone's first submission. The only time I do, is if I can't make out any of the words, or it doesn't look like any effort was put into it at all (Like scribbles or something).

not bad.
the animation is meh but the mouth animation is okay. voice acting is alright, sound quality is kinda okay, could be better if you buy a better mic without using anti-noise effect.
the joke is understandable. so yeah i find this okay.