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Reviews for "Strikeforce Kitty 2"

One of the best games ever took me a couple hours to beat it can't wait for the third one

I think this game is good, maybe even better than the first game. My main problem however, is the same problem I had with the first game. Lag. When I jump it lags and I end up not jumping at all or jumping onto the edge of the cliff and talling off. So getting to a chest to grab a key which should take one try takes thirty tries and over ten minutes of falling off of ledges and missing ledges and getting extremely annoyed. Even lowering quality doesn't help which usually does. Another problem are the artifacts. I've tried every one I've found on almost every single outfit and none of them do anything. I get, "this doesn't work on this set," Also, this might be a glitch with the game, I'm not sure but I had a few outfits that even when complete didn't give me the skill I needed. Which was odd, I figured it was a glitch. Also, sometimes when I enter the dressing room I get a black screen for about a minute.

It is a good game, the outfits are amazing and I love fighting and the new parts of the game like the gym and the tickets to unlock the artifacts (still have no idea how to work those things. hints would be nice). I love the new characters too like the minecraft and disney ones, and I recognized some older anime characters I loved as a kid. Great work, great game, I'm excited to get to the end! : D

lol, what a contrast between the characters and the gameplay! It feels similar to Worms in combined cuteness and carnage. Plenty of customizability, plenty of variation, plenty of action! All I'd wish more for are medals. Keep up the great work!


There's definitely a difficulty spike at the final level. A lot is left to luck since the two group of four enemies are generated at random, if they happen to be mostly ranged, you are screwed.

You should get all your cats to have all stats above 40, one cat in a costume with HP regeneration by fish cookies. The order should 2 ranged guys, 1 melee, and 1 ranged in front. This way will guarantee you absorb 2 hits without any casualty.

Game play is interesting. A group of four kittens battle with some foxes, collect food, and pass a finish point in order to move on to the next location. When you win a battle, you can get a piece of a full set costume. Each full set of costumes rewards a kitten with a special ability (e.g., ability to break through barriers with "no cats", see the invisible objects, and see traps). Apart from the costumes, the kittens can be trained in terms of strength, stamina, and walking speed. Having got defeated by the second boss twice, I decided to stop playing because it might take up another hour to train the kittens before I succeeded.

Graphics and animations are lovely. It's just walking the kittens and waiting for the battles to finish take up too much time. I wish there is a fast forward button so that one can complete the game in a shorter time.