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Reviews for "Strikeforce Kitty 2"

really enjoyed the first one and this one is just as good if not better. My only issue with it is when you use the artifacts on a costume its hard to tell whats changed other than the name. Maybe im just missing it but could you give a little detail on what exactly changes or were to find the answer please.

A little bit buggy, and a little unbalance as range attack is the most powerful. Also don't know how Samus lose her range attack after power up. Many characters are just there as creeps. If the next game comes out, hopefully it would be more balance, and less health for the enemies so it's less grinding.

Great game. How do the artifacts work?

Really good fun, the amount of costume choice is awesome ;D Not sure how much more powerful the super versions are... low stats super powered characters got further in level 20 then high stats normal character, they're definitely better but I'm not sure by how much xD

Training could do with a speed up function, menu's are alright once you get used to them. Overall I had great fun with this game! Almost got 100% completion, worked out how to get to every character but after finishing the game there wasn't much point xD (Unless theres a bonus level?)

Ok, it's REALLY cool!!!! :D
(.5 because I thought it could be a bit faster....)