Reviews for "Strikeforce Kitty 2"

Amazingly, they took all the faults (of which there were many) of the first game, an managed to amplify them for the sequel in order to make a game that is just about unplayable after just one round.

Cool game, like the first. A couple of small issues but nothing game breaking...
Curious which artifacts go with characters?
#1- Bold-faced
2- Bride
3- Kakaroto or Betzita
4- Gragman
5- Aran
6- Warbler
7- Any of the Pokemon but Slowpoke
8- Pitman
9- Not Zelda
10- Shadow
11- Depot Boy
12- Solidman
13- Pit (no idea why either...)
14- Fox
15- Bat
16- Plumber or Brer
17- Hedgehog
18- MK characters
19- Metalman
20- Darth Father
21- 47

its a fun game with alot of replay value, but the biggest issue and almost game breaking is how OP ranged combat is to melee... i have the ironman artifact and he is still getting 1 shotted while anyone else ranged is still taking a few hits....

also the 3rd boss since thats where i am, i took 4 melee, including the iron man... not even half health and we all died... went in with 4 ranged, and just whatever ranged weapons i had, 2 from lvl 11 and 1 from 12, and another from 10... not a single cat died and beat the boss...

that my one gripe with the game, i will still play it to the end... since well....ranged...

it's awesome but...is there no way to save your progress?

Wow. This game is incredibly awesome!