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Reviews for "Strikeforce Kitty 2"

This game was made easier from the last installment. It has several bugs that but in level 14 got me because as I tried 100% it never became possible even after everything was collect.

Mildly amusing and entertaining game. Very 'light' for a game, very forgiving, allowing casual gamers to enjoy without getting too stuck or frustrated. However, it was too 'light' for my tastes and I quit around level 7 or 8. I like 'cute', but when I say 'light', I mean 'not really challenging'. I think it is a matter of taste for a gamer, what level of challenge they prefer. I'll give a decent score with that spirit in mind, though overall it's not really one of my favourites.

Since a lot of people are struggling with level 20, here's how I beat it AND the boss in the same run: 1st cat: Twili, 35-42-35 stats. 2nd cat: Dracula (but Lawson is fine too), 40-40-35, 3rd cat: ChebuRush, 42-35-35, 4th cat: Clone (Boat works fine too), 42-35-35.
Neither of them require artifacts. You can kill the 4-packs with 2 rangeds too. 3 or 4 rangeds are problematic though. If you do it right, you will have all 4 kittens + max hp when you enter the boss room.

Needs a bit more balancing, 4,5/5

Everything is good, but you must nerf level 20 down severely. Too damn hand even with all range based cats.

Fun as hell...even tho i'm pretty much stuck at the last level atm :'(

only 4 and a half stars, cuz some costumes arent working (Sturdy, Macaque Girl - can't say for the last level tho) and some levels are showing the star for 100% complete even tho it is not. Level 3 for example did show the star and i lacked in the last piece for Foundress.
non the less, an awesome short and entertaining cute game :)
i just wished there were much more stages and costumes :(

PS: @Vegetall the 3rd boss is intended to get beaten by ranged costumes... reason: the way to the attack point is WAAAY to long and as soon as a portal comes up the whole time with one cat is wasted. also ranged costumes have a ridiculous lack in HP which will show in the last 2-3 levels