Reviews for "Strikeforce Kitty 2"

So good! Its addicting too! Cant stop playing! Good job on this game!

Overwhelmingly adorable game and the improvements are great bonus to the game with all the cosplay but since you try to optimize the usefulness of the sets, it is hard to just put your best gear of three characters together :D

a bug in the game surprised me, when I click for the final boss after level 20 it drops me in front of Alric and his brother with one cat-fox changing character and passes through anything

This was a great game. I agree with level 20 being a bit too high, but i am happy as long as there is a way to get to the final boss and be able to beat it.

Tharos, the treats powerup is kinda like a healer for every treat you get. When you get a treat, the team all gets +1 health restored. It is vital if you are having a tough time in a specific level with lots of cat treats. This won't spoil the game, but the 3rd costume in level 1, Atom, can heal 1 health to everyone in the team per treat, as long as they are not dead.

Also, it may be at 3% because you got a specific costume already for that level based off of lottery. I had that happen a few times myself.

There needs to be an option to speed up gameplay. No one likes it when you have to sit around and wait.

It's unclear what the speed stat does. When you train the speed of one kitty, do they all get faster or can one kitty run ahead of the others? Do you go as fast as the slowest kitty or the fastest kitty or are you as fast as all of them put together? Or is the speed stat just your speed in battle?

I don't understand what the 3% means on a level that I haven't even played yet.

And you need to be able to sort through your equipment more easily. I guess it's cool that I finally figured out that the icons on the left indicate whether the item is from video game or a cartoon or whatever, making this game great for nerdy fanboys and fangirls. And it's also nice that the icons on the right let you pick the right equipment to get all the secrets on any given level. But as far as I can tell, there's no easy way to simply see all the weapons you have, all the hats you have, etc. And I really wish there was a way to see the powers of the equipment you already have equipped, which is made even more difficult because the pictures of the items are removed from the wardrobe when you equip them so you don't know how to find them again.

And what does "Treats kittens for collected fish +1" even mean?

Level 20 wont appear on the screen and I have 100% in every level including 19, all the costumes except one from level 20 as I saved up my lottery tickets and still missing artifacts 5/11/16. No Idea why It isn't on the screen, clicking on the castle does nothing either :(