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Reviews for "Hockey Dad"

Ah the Simpsons Game moment... fictional arcade games turn real... you have plans for other Simpsons-related sheanigans, like (it seems mentioned) Larry the Looter and other joke games running around in the world of the Simpsons... but hey, it was a good laugh at least... true to the show even.

Aprime responds:

Larry the Looter sounds good, I might add an actual way to win without getting shot :D

Very nice game. So when's the Larry the Looter game coming? :D

Aprime responds:

That's a great idea! I might have to make that! :)

Works pretty solid as a one off joke. Kinda bummed that the fighting is so random though. Not too bad, I enjoyed it.

Aprime responds:

What do you mean by random? How can I make it less random? :D

honestly i though this game was gonna be crap,, but it was really enjoyable to be honest,, with suto simpson looking characters and short but fun gameplay and on the plus side it had medals ,, make some more of these and i will love you

Aprime responds:

Hahaha! Might do, eventually.
Why did you think it would be crap? Send me a PM. I'm curious xD

The Simpsons did it first. lol
Not bad for a remake of a classic Simpsons joke.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

Aprime responds:

Lol yep, I kept everything the same. I am tempted to recreate every game inside The Simpsons world. But I probably won't... well, I'm really sure I won't.

Glad you enjoyed :D