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Reviews for "Hockey Dad"

not bad. can't find secret medal though.

Aprime responds:

Oh, that's a shame

i got all the medals. the loser one i just opened the game and then i went on youtube on anothe rtab and watched some videos.

Aprime responds:

I hope you saw the intro though, it's humorous.

As an actual hockey dad, The realism brought forth from your game is astounding. I have left a long trail of bodies broken and bloody at the local rink. Being Canadian and having it happen inside a hockey arena, I do not get arrested. It's against the law in Canada to arrest someone on any hockey related offence...

Actually, all kidding aside, Who else ever watched some of the video games on the Simpsons and wondered how cool it would be to play them?

You have made that dream a reality.

Actually, you should expand this game. do a street fighter type thing. Could have a coach as a boss or something. I like this game. I can't say it is one of the greatest I've played, but I think I will come back and play it again. Especially when we are watching the game and I wanna show some buds something entertaining.

Good job. Do more Simpsons video game video games. Even expand on them... 5/5

Aprime responds:

Ah great!

Yeah, could do that. I'd need an animator though. It takes too long for me otherwise.

Thanks for the review!

Well, the game was pretty cheap, but I did get all medals. It was easy to tell it was based on "The Simpsons". I'm not even a fan of that show. The yellow color is just a dead giveaway. Not much to this game, but not bad. You could have done better with the lines.

Then again, I guess it was supposed to be like that. I guess this is the time of year for hockey. I live in Florida, so I wouldn't really know. The sound effects were decent. I even got the secret medal!

Aprime responds:

Done better with the lines? What do you mean? Like script or drawn lines? They're suppose to be straight and pixelated Lol.

Good job on the secret medal ;)

I decided to tell the good people on TV Tropes about this. Look for it under "De-fictionalization" in the western animations tab!

Aprime responds:

Hahah, that's awesome! Thanks man :3