Reviews for "Hockey Dad"

This Game Hockey Dad Is Fun and Awesome
and I got five medals Thumbs up!!

Aprime responds:

Great job!

Fun simpsons based game. Wouldn't mind seeing one based off of "Cat Fight" that Bart played.

Aprime responds:

Hahaha, might consider it :D

Awesome, and a classic!

I loved this skit on The Simpsons, and I love it even more now that I get to play it first-hand! I enjoyed playing this game over, and over simply for nostalgic purposes.

Adding medals was a good choice too. Makes playing the game just that much better.

Great work.



Aprime responds:

Haha, great! Glad you enjoyed! Adding medals to games is fun! :)

dead poker

Aprime responds:

you betcha

Haha, gotta love that booming voice in the background! It's a pretty basic fight, but good fun, intro cutscene and everything. Though could there be some... reference here I'm missing? Keep it going!


Aprime responds:

Haha great! Always nice to get a comment from CD :)