Reviews for "Candy for Christmas"

This is a basic collection game. The candy disappears to quickly, there should be an upgrade to make it last longer.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

Free mode kept freezing on me around the 276 mark in which I would be killed instantly and unable to obtain the 5-minute medal. After 7 unsuccessful tries for that medal, I've come to the conclusion that this game just isn't worth playing.

Optimos responds:

It's alright, thanks for trying anyways.

I'm stuck on free mode! Upgraded bombs appearance so high that they're not falling anymore! I can't die!

Optimos responds:

Upgrades don't affect Free Mode, so you just found a a bug. You must reload the page, sorry about that :/

Simple; fun game! I'm thinking an upgrade option to let the candy stay on the ground longer would've been neat, and maybe some power-ups to enhance the free-play mode, like items to slow down time, double your score for a short while, extra lives, etc. It is fun but it's also pretty basic, not much variation in what you collect or how you do it. Anyway, thanks for the medals; Merry Christmas!


Optimos responds:

I'm thinking about making a sequel (not Christmas related though) with a lot more features to make the game more entertaining. This was very basic, I know, but it was like some kind of "test" to see if people liked it and thus make a "2.0" version of this game. Thanks for the ideas to improve the replay value :)
And merry Christmas!

I thought it was a fun game. Seeing how it is your 2nd game from a previous review response, I thought it was put together well. Graphics were okay, but that improves with experience, so I'm not going to knock you much on that.

To me, I think jumping in this game was kind of pointless. Maybe something to work on if you make another type of these games is to have obstacles come by from the side from time-to-time to make jumping purposeful. I also thought another medal that would have benefits for your game was to have one for scoring 1000 points in free mode. Most people will probably stop free mode after five minutes once they get that medal.

As far as I'm concerned, that would have made things more challenging for most. Overall though, I give your game a thumbs up.

Optimos responds:

Well, jumping is sometimes useful for avoiding bombs, trust me. And yeah, hopefully graphics will improve with time & practice.
Thanks for the review :)